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Woman surplus, vibrant music and moving hips – the salsa rules

Driving from Popayán to Cali

After visiting Cali, I traveled the first time in 2011, and after a week of private lessons with a dance teacher (yes, with a man) I could almost sign up for the World Cup. Cali is the capital of the department of Cauca and one of the largest cities in Colombia. Due to the proximity to the Pacific coast, the proportion of dark-skinned inhabitants is significantly higher than in other regions. Cali is known for one of the highest crime rates but also the essential city for salsa in Colombia tourism. I had a taxi driver telling me that everyone in the city could dance salsa. As a man, you would never find a wife unless you are proficient in the dance.

My friends and dance teachers, whom I met in 2011, have meanwhile rebuilt their home and installed a sensational dance school. They not only offer lessons, but also perform shows with their troupe and compete in competitions. I had an unforgettable experience in 2011, when I went to a teenage competition with my friends. If you could cause a fission with emotions, I’m sure the city would have exploded then. The boys and girls had shown performances at a very high level, I was genuinely baffled with awe and cheered on the next day.

Apart from Salsa, the city had no major attractions for holidays in Colombia at the time. We therefore arranged to meet with the tourism director to possibly get to know even more potential activities or attractions. Interestingly enough, the tourism manager has her own travel agency. For me, a rather bizarre constellation, as I believe a conflict of interest is obvious. In Colombia, however, we had encountered identical or similar situations earlier. Since Cali is a city of millions, this was all the more incomprehensible to us.

The following evening we visited a show contribution of the dance troupe. I must confess, they are in a good mood and the costumes are sometimes extremely sexy. On the last evening before our onward journey we were invited to a well-known restaurant where a public dance competition took place. To our delight many more women than men were present. The ladies did not shy away from asking the men to dance. And also Sebastian, who at first looked a bit shy around the area, caught fire after a short time and convinced as a solid dancer. However, after 2 years without practice, I had some difficulty getting back on track.

For holidays in Colombia Cali is a great destination for learning and dancing salsa. After a few days course you can already do a lot. In any case, I’ve made the decision, back in Bogota I will devote at least one evening to salsa.

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July 2017

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