The 10 best Hotels in Colombia

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Best luxury and boutique Hotels in Colombia

In recent years, I have traveled all over Colombia and also visited many hotels. So I can say that I have some idea about this. When I recently researched the best hotels in Colombia online, I was amazed. These are sometimes listed indiscriminately, sometimes the most expensive in the country, sometimes presented according to unclear criteria. What seems, however, the authors themselves never visited one of the mentioned houses.

Therefore, I would like to present my top hotels in Colombia. I have chosen this for experience factors. So it’s not about listing the most beautiful and expensive boutique hotels, otherwise 9 out of 10 hotels in Cartagena are in the list, factors such as exclusivity, location and overall package play a role.

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1. Casa San Agustin, Cartagena

This beautiful boutique hotel in the center of the old town of Cartagena offers luxury in every respect. The service is at the highest level and you already noticed on entering the hotel that the customer is king. Nestled in a colonial house, the hotel still retains much of its original substance, preserving an imposing wall in the pool area. In addition to the restaurant there is a bar, a spa and various zones where you can settle down. The hotel has 20 rooms and 11 suites. The rooms and bathrooms are generously equipped and leave nothing to be desired. Prices start from USD 350.- the night. For me, the Casa San Agustin hotel is the first choice for travelers looking for a luxury boutique hotel in Cartagena.

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2.Four Seasons Casa Medina, Bogota

Fortunately, the Casa Medina in Bogota differs from the usual houses of hotel chains. The hotel is cultivated in a classic mansion and already gives an idea from the outside that it is luxurious in the interior. New and old were perfectly merged, although the room layout was not perfect due to the historical substance. The hotel has 62 rooms. The service is excellent and leaves nothing to be desired. Services are all offered according to this luxury class. The rooms are meticulously appointed, with the suites being an absolute highlight. A cold night in Bogota can be overcome with a private fireplace in the room. The hotel is located in the Zona G, one of the best areas of the city, which is also known for its gastronomic offer. For me, the Four Seasons in Bogota is the most beautiful and best-located hotel, which I recommend to all travelers. Prices start from USD 400.-per night.

3. Hotel Las Islas, Barú

So far it has been difficult to find a hotel in the Rosario Islands near Cartagena that could maintain a constant service level. Las Islas convinced me, though. The hotel was built with respect for nature. With over 50 bungalows, spread over a gigantic area, the hotel does not look blocky. The hotel has a spa, private beach, various restaurants, and heliport, boat dock and fitness room. The bungalows are either on the ground, most with sea view, or constructed in dizzying heights as tree houses. Some have private pools. I recommend The Hotel Las Islas on Baru to all travelers who want to experience a Caribbean feeling for a few days. Only 1 hour away from Cartagena, a stay can be perfectly combined. Prices start from USD 550.- per night.

4.Hotel Patio del Mundo, Medellin

Although Medellin has a great deal for backpackers and business travelers, pretty hotels for upmarket private travelers are still hard to find. With just 7 rooms, the hotel is more reminiscent of a larger private home. The rooms are themed. The hotel has a huge private garden with walkway down to the river. It is an oasis of peace and tranquility. Due to the size of various services are offered only limited. I recommend this hotel to travelers who like to travel boutique. Prices start from USD 120.-.

5. Hacienda Venecia, Caldas

This hotel is actually one of the largest productive coffee farms in Colombia’s coffee zone and is over 100 years old. The terrain is huge and the cultivation of coffee dominates the terrain. Just 30 minutes drive from Manizales, the capital of the department of Caldas, this is one of the best options to experience the absolute coffee experience in Colombia. The Hacienda Venecia includes a hostal, a guest house and the original mansion, which is now used for guests. The traditional architecture and colors correspond to the region and transport the visitor into another time. In the old mansion it lives very exclusive. There are only a handful of rooms and they are rather small but typical. Great food is also served every day. Even staying on the terrace with a view is an absolute experience. It’s a great way to go back in time, listening to the various birds that visit the estate. Various activities around coffee cultivation are also offered. I recommend visiting Hacienda Venecia  to anyone who wants to live an authentic experience in the coffee zone. Prices start from USD 65.- per night in the mansion.

6. Termales La Quinta, Caldas

Termales La Quinta is around 2 hours’ drive from Manizales, the capital of Caldas. Depending on weather conditions you should be traveling with a 4×4. For the last kilometers to the Finca you will ride on the back of a horse. Mule transports luggage. Although the journey seems a bit awkward, the effort is definitely worth it. The finca offers a few rooms, so the stay is all the more exclusive. The highlight is certainly the pool, which is fed by thermal water.  The rooms are very nicely decorated. Activities around the finca include horse riding, visiting the waterfalls and hiking. I recommend the visit of Termales La Quinta to all who love nature and outdoor activities or who seek peace and seclusion. The finca is also suitable for groups to spend some private days with all the comforts. Prices start from USD 60.- per night.

7. Deep Blue, Providencia

Providencia is the absolute dream of a Caribbean island and surprisingly quite far away from Colombia. The island is located at the height of Nicaragua. Providencia is accessible via the neighboring island of San Andres or by private plane. From the mainland you should expect ½ day traveling. The inhabitants have introduced rigorous restrictions to protect their culture. This prevents mass tourism. On my first visit, I was alone on the beach for 3 days. The beaches are gorgeous, the sea is seven-colored and the diving is excellent. It is best to move on the island with a scooter or golf cart. The Hotel Deep Blue is by far the best hotel on the island and the rooms rise up as terraces. The higher the room, the better the view. Some rooms also have their own small pool. The restaurant is built as a platform over the water. Therefore there is a breeze and you will be spared from mosquitoes. Prices seem high, but for such a remote island, there are some logistics costs. Prices start from USD 200.- per night.

8. Cafe Finca Vista de Nieves, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

The beauty of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is difficult to put into words, so we also made a video of it ;-). Finca Vista de Nieves is about 2 hours drive from Santa Marta. It is located at 1,500 meters above sea level and offers beautiful views to the Caribbean Sea. This is not a classic hotel, but a 160 year old coffee finca. The infrastructure is excellent, only the main house currently has only a general bathroom. The property also includes a river with associated waterfall. In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Capacity up to 10 persons, prices on request.

9. Placita Vieja, Santa Marta

Placita Vieja is for me the epitome of a boutique hotel. The owner has created a work of art in years of detailed work. Every detail is right. It is located right on the main square in the historic part of Santa Marta. With 8 rooms, the hotel is very small. The spa is very impressive for the size of the hotel. The rooms are exceptionally beautiful and fit well with the Caribbean coast. In my opinion the hotel is more suitable for adults and less for families with small children. Prices start from USD 100.- per night.

10.Finca Hotel Mururito Natural Reserve, Meta

Finca Hotel Mururito is located in the middle of the wilderness of the Colombian Llanos. It is also a nature reserve with a gigantic area. I admit, it is a bit difficult to get there. You can fly to Puerto Gaitan and then drive another 2 hours by car, preferably with a 4×4. Once arrived, however, the total relaxation will occur immediately. The accommodation is absolutely nicely done and corresponds to the local style. Electricity is available during the day through solar panels. Hot water is not available, but is not necessary due to the temperatures. Activities include Llanos safari, bird watching, horseback riding and hiking. It is one of the most beautiful places I have visited in Colombia so far. Depending on the season, a part of the area is flooded and you go by boat. Prices from USD 75.- per night.

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