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A cheeky monkey gang and houses in the trees

Traveling to Letizia, Amazon, Colombia

From the cool and windy Bogota, it’s just the month of the kite, Sebastian and I set off, heading for the border triangle. Letizia in the Colombian Amazon borders Brazil and Peru. To Iquitos it is about one day from here and to Manaus about 3 days by boat.

When getting out of the plane, we immediately felt the heat and humidity on the spot. In our accommodation we were disappointed to find that no air conditioning was installed. Only a fan should blow us hot air in the face for the next days. However, we did not let ourselves be discouraged and immediately set out to eat a fresh fish. Afterwards we visited several local tour operators who offer a range of possibilities in Colombia tourism for all arriving guests. The next day we visited the nature park “Mundo Amazonico”, which is about 30 minutes drive from Letizia. We were registered and the reception was very cordial.

Amazon world park

We were led through the park by a young Indio and his knowledge was extremely impressive. He knew everything about local cultures, plants and animals. For none of my questions was he embarrassed for an answer. It was the perfect introduction for us. The next day we went by boat to a nature reserve. After 2 hours of instruction, on which a local guide explained everything to us and showed us even animals hidden in the bush, we arrived at the hotel. We were now in Peruvian territory and to my delight this was reflected in a typical and excellent lunch. After a canoe trip and piranha fishing this day ended way too fast and we traveled back to Letizia.

The fourth day of our trip we spent in Letizia with the visit of various hotels to expand our offers in Colombia tours to the Amazon. We also wanted to do administrative work. Due to the unreliable Internet and a game of the national football team against Venezuela the working day was already finished at 15.30. Unfortunately, the two teams played 0-0, which did not lead to sprawling celebrations with the Colombians.

Amazon River to Puerto Nariño. Amazonian culture

On Friday the best trip should take place. We went by boat and a group of 5 more people to Puerto Nariño. The first stop was in Puerto Alegría, a village on the Peruvian side of the Amazon. Once arrived Indigenous presented turtles, parrots and hung sloths around our necks. In addition, monkeys came along in the hope of feeding. Next you could be photographed with a snake. The Indigenous responsible had the reptile in a very tight grip and I concluded that the snake was not too motivated to take pictures with tourists. The wild cat caged in a cage of about 4 square meters also did not make the happiest impression. Personally, I think the animals do not survive this stress for too long and are easily and quickly replaced when they die. It was completely clear to us that we would not offer this destination in our Colombia tours in the future.

The next stop we arrived on the monkey island. After a short instruction we reached a clearing in the forest and after a few whistles of the local guides a host of small and sweet monkeys came running. They climbed and jumped on the visitors and some humans literarily vanished, a real monkey tree. This was a really fun and exhilarating experience and the little and playful animals delighted us a lot.

After a short detour to Puerto Nariño and the observation of pink river dolphins, we had to travel back, as the distance was around 60 km. On the way back, our captain bought 12 big fish from a fisherman in his canoe. He paid unbelievable $ 1.50!

For me the Amazon is a very magical area and I think everyone should have experienced this natural phenomenon once in a lifetime and should include it to their Colombia holidays.

September 2017

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