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Where can you find Sauna, Spa and Wellness in Bogota?

Bogota is located at over 2,700 meters (8,860 feet) above sea level and is the capital of Colombia. The political and economic centers of the country come together in this large city. With a population of around 10 million, Bogota is also one of the largest cities in South America.

Bogota is located in the Colombian Andes and the weather can certainly be described as rapidly changing mountain weather. In one day you can experience sun, fog, rain, hail and sun again and the temperatures can fluctuate insanely. When the sun is out, it can warm up to around 20° Celsius (68° F), and can cool down to around 5° Celsius (68° F) at night.

Due to the weather and the temperatures as well as the size of the city, one could assume that the range of wellness and spa’s is great. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

There is no tradition of wellness in Bogota. In addition, the general population does not generate enough income for such activities. My previous experiences, especially regarding massages, were rather mixed. I have never received a really great massage in Colombia.

JW Marriot Bogotá

Wellness in Gyms in Bogota

The range of gyms is generally good in Colombia. In Bogota there are gyms all over the city. As far as I know, steam baths and saunas can only be found in the Bodytech chain.

This chain operates studios across the country. I started training there myself, precisely because of the steam baths and sauna offer. Studios in shopping centers are an exception. Due to special regulations, it does not seem possible to offer sauna and steam bath there.

There are many more chains in Bogota and throughout Colombia, but generally do not have these offers. However, it is possible that individual gyms that I don’t know also have a sauna and/or steam bath. To be sure, you should simply inquire beforehand.

Wellness, Sauna and Spa in Hotels in Bogota

The majority can be found in luxury and large hotels in Bogota. However, there are exceptions to this.

Monserrat, Hotel & Spa

This hotel is a real surprise. From the outside, nobody would think of staying in this hotel. The hotel is getting a bit old, but some of the rooms have been recently renovated. The steam baths are an absolute highlight, although the whole area is also getting a bit old. In the basement you will find a lounge and cloakrooms and 3 different steam baths with different temperatures are available. The steam bath would be the ideal setting for a mafia film, for a meeting of the godfather with his subordinate mafiosi.

Another floor down there is another sauna. However, it is not as hot as the classic Finnish sauna and is called “bio-sauna” in Europe. Massages are also available on request.


 Hotel JW Marriott Bogota

As expected, the spa of a five-star hotel in Bogota is not the worst address. The offer extends from various massages, facial treatments and various other offers. Of course, you need deeper pockets, because international luxury hotels are not cheap, no matter where in the world they are.

In the wet zone you will find a pool, sauna and steam bath.

JW Marriot Bogotá

Hotel de la Opera

The spa at the Hotel de la Opera is also getting old and lacking refreshment and maintenance. In the center of the city, however, you are limited in terms of wellness and if you don’t mind minor shortcomings, the Hotel de la Opera is a good option.

There is a small pool, a sauna and a steam bath.

Hotel Four Seasons

Zona T

Zona G

The Four Seasons has two different hotels in Bogota, one in the Zona T and one in the Zona G. As befits the wet areas of this luxury chain hotel, they have all the usual offers and amenities.

Four Seasons Casa Medina Bogotá

W Hotel

The Hotel W, which belongs to the Marriott Group, offers various services on 300 square meters. This also includes a small pool as well as various massages and treatments and a steam bath.

Hotel Radisson

The Radisson hotel also has a spa area, which differs from the other offers of the competition. It is not offered a sauna and steam bath, but you do a course, the so-called Hydro Circuit. With various stations in the pool or in different rooms with different types of showers you can experience different water therapies.

The offer is interesting but I am not entirely sure whether I personally prefer the sauna and steam bath to the tour described.

Hotel Grand Park

Recently renovated, the Grand Park’s spa has become extremely pretty. A colleague recently told me that.

Massage, pool, steam bath and sauna are on offer.

Chairama Spa

This spa also offers various hydrotherapies, massages and facial treatments.

BAW Thai Spa

I am a big fan of Thai massage. Little women, who could break all your bones with their little hands due the strength of a bear, are just the right thing for my tense muscles. In contrast to Thailand, I have never been to this spa so I cannot report anything first-hand about the quality.

However, there are various treatments, massages as well as a sauna, steam bath and Jacuzzi on offer.

Bogo Thai

This also seems to be an interesting offer. From massage to Jacuzzi to fire ceremonies, there is a lot at Shivana. A personal visit is on my bucket list, after that I can say more about it.


This also seems to be an interesting offer. From massage to Jacuzzi to fire ceremonies, there is a lot at Shivana. A personal visit is on my bucket list, after that I can say more about it.

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