The 8 Best & Coolest Beach Hotels In Colombia

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The best beach hotels in Colombia

With its two coasts, Colombia has a huge area for beach hotels. However, the Pacific coast is hardly populated and most of the area is pure wilderness.

Nevertheless, there are certain places on the Pacific where tourism is now possible and luckily there are some nice beach hotels.

The Atlantic coast is also incredibly long and extends from Panama to Venezuela. There are areas known to tourists, which are better developed, but also regions that are still very small on the map.

Only hotels that have a sandy beach directly in front of the hotel or within the hotel are listed below. The hotels must have a certain quality and an experience factor.

Beach hotels on the Pacific

The Colombian Pacific is wild and there are few locations for tourism. However, these are the most spectacular.

El Cantil Ecolodge, Nuqui

There are currently no scheduled flights to Nuqui, only charter flights. You can take one from Medellin. It is also possible to sail up the coast from Buenaventura.

The El Cantil Ecolodge is about an hour outside of Nuqui on Guachalito Beach. You have to take a boat to get there. The 7 bungalows are not luxurious in terms of comfort but still are absolutely sufficient. The bungalows are built up hills. The restaurant is located at the highest point of the hotel and offers a great view.

El Cantil is also known for its excellent food and as far as I know, no guest has complained about it. When staying at the Hotel El Cantil you are really in nature and you will certainly not find any crowds. You will not get bored in this hotel, you are in the best environment for real deep relaxation.

You can either swim in the sea, surf, kayak, or opt for a round of stand up paddling. Of course, you can also go out to sea and watch whales or snorkel during the whale watching season.

There are also various hikes in the area. You can explore the jungle with a local guide and get to know the local treasures of nature. There are different hikes with different hiking times and levels of difficulty.

Electricity is only available in the evening and there is no internet connection. If necessary, you can ask for a hotspot in the kitchen, but the connection will be very slow.

There are also no towns or shops near the hotel. However, the beach is very long and there are various hotels along the coast, but all are built slightly back from the beach.

I visited El Cantil in 2018 and was not only impressed by the hotel but by the whole experience. If you are a nature lover and would like to completely relax for a few days, I strongly recommend a stay there.

Best beach hotels in Colombia

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El Almejal, Bahia Solano

El Almejal Lodge is located in Bahia Solano on the Pacific coast of Colombia. You can either arrive by plane from Medellin or Quibdo. You can also take a boat from Nuqui, but it only runs once a week.

Once at the airport, tuk-tuk taxis are waiting. However, there are also a handful of SUVs in the village that can be organized.

The hotel is not exactly in Bahia Solano, but in the opposite direction, in El Valle village. At the end of the beach is the hotel with 10 bungalows. The facility is beautifully designed and offers a lot of nature and wood. There is also a natural pool and waterfall.

You can also climb the hill from where there is a viewpoint. In any case, you should have non-slip shoes, perhaps even soccer shoes.

The sea on the beach in front is sometimes wild, but the water is perfect for swimming.

The hotel has the advantage of having a lot of privacy on the beach and in the hotel, but there is a small town nearby.

There are enough activities here. You can either go whale watching, and there is a young team of multilingual biologists in Bahia Solano who, in addition to active research, also organize excellent tours.

You can also go on tours, visit other beaches, watch birds, do yoga, canoe or search for sea turtles.

I visited the hotel in 2018 and can definitely recommend it. There is a lot to do in the area around Bahia Solano and there are few tourists. If you are looking for an authentic experience on the Pacific coast of Colombia and would like to drink a glass of wine in the evening, this is the perfect place.

Beach hotels on the Caribbean

The Colombian Caribbean offers a lot in terms of tourism. However, there are still few offers for the absolute luxury kick. Anyway, this will surely develop in the next few years.

Hotel Las Islas, Baru

The Hotel Las Islas in Baru is probably the most luxurious and expensive beach hotel in Colombia at the moment. It is located around 45 minutes outside of Cartagena on the Baru Peninsula. You can get there either by boat or by car. There is also a helipad.

The hotel offers over 50 bungalows, which are perfectly integrated into nature. There are the sea level bungalows and the treetop bungalows. Various accommodations also have their own pool and you can enjoy a direct view of the sea.

There are several restaurants on the property, with breakfast served on a platform on the water. You can also swim at breakfast time.

There are 2 bicycles for each accommodation, but changing gears does not always work. However, one is sufficient. There is also a golf cart driver service.

In addition to the spa, fitness room, library, private beach with loungers, and restaurants, there is a floating island with chilled drinks at your disposal.

Leisure activities are also provided. You can do various types of water sports, visit the Rosario Islands, admire various birds in the nearby aviary or swim in bioluminescent plankton in the evening.

I visited the hotel in 2019 and it is suitable not only for couples in love, but also for families. If you have enough money, I can recommend a stay.

EcoHabs Tayrona

The Ecohabs are located within the Tayrona Park near Santa Marta. The Tayrona National Park is probably the most important and touristic park in Colombia. The hotel can be easily reached by car, around an hour’s drive from Santa Marta.

The EcoHabs are probably the most luxurious accommodations in Tayrona Park. The 14 bungalows all offer a wonderful view, are well equipped and have two floors. There is also a spa and jacuzzi.

There are various tours within the park, either with or without a guide. You can also visit different beaches, but be careful because some beaches have dangerous currents.

In this way, I would like to remind to interested travelers that the EcoHabs are in absolute nature. Accordingly, there are insects and animals. So don’t be surprised if you see a snake or if you are stung by a mosquito.

Tayrona Park Colombia

Casa Tayrona Los Naranjos

The Hotel Casa Tayrona Los Naranjos is located just outside the Tayrona National Park and is easy to reach in less than an hour from Santa Marta. The boutique hotel is right on the beach and also offers a pool with great views.

There is also an estuary right next to the hotel. The hotel is not isolated, but there are various other hotels in the neighborhood. However, there is no feeling that there are many tourists.

Enterprising travelers can also take tours of the Tayrona National Park from the hotel or drive to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

Best beach hotels in Colombia

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Aite Eco Hotel

The Aite Eco Hotel is a beach hotel between Santa Marta and Palomino. It is probably the best hotel around Palomino and has good facilities. The area of ​​the hotel is very spacious and in the middle of the beach palms.

There are 17 rooms and bungalows as well as a central swimming pool.

The beach is good, but the sea around Palomino is not ideal for a beach holiday. The waves are sometimes strong and strong currents can occur.

Best beach hotels in Colombia

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Hotel Sirius, Providencia

Providencia is the absolute dream island in the Caribbean. Although the Hotel Sirius has an urgent need for investment, it is listed here. The best hotel on the island, the Deep Blue, unfortunately has no beach.

As already explained, the Hotel Sirius does not shine with luxurious rooms or an incredible design. However, there is a diving school on the premises and is located right next to the south-west beach. This is probably the most beautiful beach on the island and a perfect dream.

Therefore, you can go out of the hotel and plunge directly into the shallow, crystal-clear water and take a swim before breakfast. And if this isn’t enough spectacle for you, you should order the fish platter on the beach for lunch.

Best beach hotels in Colombia

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Rancheria Utta

Rancheria Utta is located in Cabo de la Vela, in the La Guajira desert. The hotel offers bungalows made from local materials. The rooms are spacious and of course, you can also get a hammock on the small balcony.

In Cabo de La Vela, actually all accommodations have beach access, as the village is a small fishing village with a street. Rancheria Utta is located just outside and is probably the best place to stay, although one cannot speak of luxury.

There is electricity at least all day and the fridge in the kitchen runs all day. The destination is still known among backpackers, but if you don’t need a boutique hotel feather bed and want to see an incredible landscape, you should consider this destination.

Cabo de la Vela is also an excellent kitesurf destination.

Best beach hotels in Colombia

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Why didn’t many locations appear on the list?


The beaches directly in Cartagena unfortunately do not offer a nice experience for discerning travelers. The only beach in town that would barely meet this standard would be La Boquilla. However, dozens of hotels are lined up there and therefore do not provide a special experience.

Islas Rosarios & Baru

Of course, I don’t know all of the hotels personally, but I have visited some in the region and I always speak to travelers to hear their experiences. There are generally a few good hotels with good concepts and beautiful beaches, but apparently, there are always quality problems. This in connection with food, electricity, or cleanliness. So only one hotel found my way onto my list.

Santa Marta

In Santa Marta, there are many hotels on the beach in Rodadero up to the airport. Firstly, most hotels are geared towards masses, and the beach is not clean and is also partly flooded with masses of cheap tourism.

San Andres

The island lies in the middle of the Caribbean and would actually be a dream destination, but is now an ecological disaster. Not only was the local culture lost, but mass tourism also was and is still destroying natural beauty more and more.

Colombia Travel Guide

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