The 32 Most Beautiful Glampings in Colombia You Should Know

Huts in Tayrona Park near Santa Marta Colombia

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Glamping in Colombia

The word glamping was recently created and is a combination of the words “glamorous” and “camping”. The term comes from English, but is now understood in every language, so to speak.

Typically, glamping looks like using a tent as the basic construction, to which you can also add fix installations such as a toilet, wet zone, or even entire rooms.

The classic idea of glamping is the luxurious tent on a safari in Africa, with hundreds of servants and wild animals in the area. Today there are various derivatives and glampings in all possible and impossible places, constellations, and buildings.

So here we go on a trip to the glampings in Colombia. And one thing in advance, there is also the variant Safari with wild animals.

Nativo, Barichara

Nativo Glamping is located at the Hotel Hacienda Macedonia, which I visited some time ago. Already the hotel and its rooms are extremely spectacular and all in an elegant natural setting. In the meantime, the associated nature trail has probably been completed. Of course, the open-air showers should not be missing.

If you are looking for elegant glamping near the most beautiful town in Colombia, you are well-advised here.

Nativo Barichara

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Entrepinos, Cacique

Entrepinos Glamping is very close to Bogota and Choachi. A great view with a hammock is included and far and wide you don’t find a single human soul. So you can safely enjoy an overnight stay.

Entrepinos Glamping Cacique

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Zen-tir, Cajica

Certainly an interesting concept, Zen-tir is not the classic glamping offer. I wouldn’t call the installations glamorous, but sleeping in a transparent sphere with a direct view of the starry sky is definitely an amazing experience.

Zen-tir Glamping Cajicá

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Corocora Camp, Casanare

Corocora Camp is the closest thing to classic glamping. However, with prices of around USD 500 per night, you should have the necessary cash.

This also includes overnight stays in luxurious tents, a Llanos safari with incredible wild animals, riding into the vastness of the Orinoquía plains, and maybe a good Chiguiro steak grilled for dinner.

I can only congratulate anyone who decides to go to Casanare. It is one of my favorite regions. However, I strongly recommend that you find out about the dry and rainy season beforehand.

Corocora Camp Glamping

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Casa Trailer Cadata, Chia

This is the Colombian interpretation of glamping, a dented old caravan that has been covered with wood on the inside.

Satori, Chia

This offer is also more of an idiosyncratic interpretation of glamping. Nevertheless, you can take a nice look at the trees through the large window.

Sky Colombia, Chinzaque

These providers only have a Facebook page and the specified website does not work. However, located about 2.5 hours from Bogota on a lake, this glamping looks extremely inviting.

Sky Colombia Chinzaque

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El Monte Teepee Hostel, Guasca

This rustic glamping is only 45 minutes drive from Bogota. There are good tents and a view of the beautiful mountains in the area. Also nearby are the Lagunas de Siecha, where I’ve been twice.

As part of the national park Chingaza, these lagoons are spectacular and the hike in the Paramo is an absolute highlight. However, it can also rain or have thick fog. In any case, I recommend rubber boots or high hiking shoes.

El Monte Teepee Gampling Guasca

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Bosko, Guatape

Guatape is a fabulous destination in itself and can be reached from Medellin in just 2 hours. The island landscape in the artificial reservoir gives a wonderful panorama.

On one of the islands, there are also the so-called “mushrooms”, a glamping experience of a special kind. If you have not yet had enough appetite for a picture, you should quickly look at the homepage and other pictures and videos. After that, booking is definitely just a matter of form.

Bosko Gampling Guatapé

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Bajo el Cielo, Guatavita

Bajo del Cielo means something like under the sky, which is absolutely true for this great glamping. The area offers fantastic undulating nature and from the location, you have a view over the Tomine lake.

And it gets even better, because you can reach Bajo el Cielo in around 90 minutes from Bogota.

Bajo el cielo Guatavita

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Glamping Colombia, Guatavita

This glamping also impresses with its fantastic view. Set up in an elevated position, you can see the hills at the other end of the lake. The igloo-like tents offer enough space and adequate comfort. A terrace is also included because the tents are set up on a wooden platform.

The area around Guatavita offers many leisure activities. You can either do water sports, go hiking or cycling. However, it can get pretty cold too.

Glamping Colombia in Guatavita

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Encubo, Guatavita

Not a classic glamping, these accommodations are more like Swiss mountain chalets, only much smaller. Originally a container and now lined with wood, it also has small kitchens, as well as a hammock, balcony, and terrace.

The view is also fabulous and you can also enjoy a fabulous view through the built-in windows.

Encubo Gampling Guatavita

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Kingdome, Guatavita

The spacious igloo tents are built on a wooden platform. There are also two-story tents and accommodations with a bathtub. Each tent also has a terrace with a wide view of the lake.

Kingdome Gampling Guatavita

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La Cacica, Guatavita

The tents, built on wooden platforms, offer all the comfort you could wish for. Set up a little further up the hill, you can enjoy a perfect view of the area from here.

La Quinta, Lago de Tota

Located directly on the Tota Lagoon, these accommodations offer a very natural experience. Built in the middle of trees, you can experience the starry sky above you in the evening by the common fire.

La Quinta Gampling Lago de Tota

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La Villa Suiza, Neusa

The Swiss villa in Neusa offers two-story houses lined with wood. At least the curtains are reminiscent of a typical Swiss chalet. For friends of nature, this accommodation leaves nothing to be desired.

La Villa Suiza Glampling Neiva

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Neusa Hills, Neusa

The houses, completely lined with wood, offer all the comforts: large windows, a terrace hammock, sauna, and of course a fantastic view.

Neusa Hils Glamping in Neusa

Taken from:—Lodging/Neusa-Hills-Glamping-Resort-2103313659717379/

Entre Rios, Quindio

A glamping where the glamorous part is an honest part of the offer. The tent, built on a wooden platform, has all the installations and amenities. There is also a spacious terrace, a terrace hammock, and an outdoor pool.

The fantastic view of nature and the river sweeten your stay.

Entre Rios Glamping Quindio

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Bubblesky, Retiro

This glamping has a glass ball as a base, so the view at night is even more spectacular than during the day. There is also a terrace with tables, chairs and deckchairs, a small pool, and a terrace hammock.

This accommodation was also created in height so that you can enjoy a fantastic view of the surroundings.

Bubble Sky Glamping El Retiro

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Lumbre Glamourous Camping, Salento

This facility with various tents in different sizes and shapes is located near Salento.

Lumbre Glamorous Glamping Salento

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El Establo, San Francisco

Once again, a rather idiosyncratic interpretation of glamping can be found in San Francisco. Although there are a real bed and wet room in the tents, this offer is more reminiscent of camping.

El Establo Glamping

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Terramaga, San Francisco

Different types of accommodation are offered here. From the glass ball to the tent to a kind of bungalow, various options are available.

Terragama San Francisco

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Yuva, San Francisco

The accommodations in this complex are based on the glass ball. There is also a terrace as well as a terrace hammock and an outside bathtub.

Yuva San Francisco

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Mamancana, Santa Marta

I visited the Mamancana about a year ago because I was invited to a wedding there. The facility is great and offers all the comforts and good food. There is a large outdoor pool and you can enjoy a fabulous view.

This offer does not have much to do with camping, but has a more glamorous factor.

Mamancana Glampling

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Bird, Sesquile

The igloo-type accommodation offers all installations and a great view of the surrounding nature. A bathtub and a second floor are also included. You can relax comfortably on the terrace.

Bird Glampling

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Niddo, Suesca

In this facility, you will find different types of tents, all of which offer a good standard. A good view is also included.

Niddo Glamping

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Eco Glamping Aqumonti, Supata

This offer provides tent igloo and a beautiful view. However, the glamorous factor is interpreted very freely.

Tierra Dulce, Supata

This glamping offer is interesting and has elements from the Arabic, Japanese and Mediterranean styles.

Bethel Bio Luxury Hotel, Tatacoa

The Tatacoa Desert is certainly one of the most spectacular destinations in Colombia and is known for its excellent stargazing. The first time I visited it 3 years ago, I was impressed with the system, but it was obvious that the maintenance was neglected.

Customers of mine were there recently and the quality of service was very poor and there was still a lack of necessary investments. The glamping was also in the press because various environmental regulations were disregarded. I do not recommend a stay until further notice.

Glamping Desierto de la Tatacoa

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Campo Escondido, Tuta

This offer is not called glamping on its own website, but a camping boutique. The equipment is good and you can certainly look forward to a good stay.

Campo Escondido Glamping

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El Color de mis Reves, Villamaria

The department of Caldas is one of my favorite destinations and the offer of ‘the color of my dreams’ makes every traveler rave about it. Not only the natural result is spectacular, but also the particular installations are very good.

You have enough space in the tent and a large terrace.

El color de mis Reves Glamping

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El Nido del Condor, Villamaria

During my last visit to Manizales, various stakeholders told me about this new offer. Unfortunately, I then lacked the time to visit. However, I will make up for this as soon as possible.

The offer can be described as luxurious and the accommodations lack neither good furnishings nor the spectacular view.

El nido del condor Glamping

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